Is the cup dishwasher safe?

YES. Though todays dishwashing detergents include abrasive additives that can dull the glass over time. To maintain your glass's brilliancy, hand washing is best and recommended. 


When will my order ship?

All orders are fulfilled in 1-3 days and ship USPS Priority. 


Returns and Refunds?

Items are eligible for returns on a case by case basis. Feel free to message me with any questions. Review our Return Policy.


How is your packaging Eco Friendly?

Besides using recyclable cardboard boxes, our bubblewrap is bio-degradable and is purchased locally in Austin, TX from Eco Box.


Can I get a glass with custom initials stamped on the bottom?

Yes. You can order any style of glass with personalized initials for an additional fee. Just fill out the contact form to get started. 


Can you make a glass in a different color?

Yes. Please contact us to inquire about a personal custom commission. 


Can I steep tea in my glass?

No. You should avoid using any hot liquids with these glasses.


Will the metallic sheen rub off?

No. The metallic sheen is a result of colored glass. The color is added to the cup while its hot, so it will not chip or peel.